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New heaters go to Pennsylvania residents by zip code

Brand new heaters are being delivered to all Huntingdon-Tyrone area residents who find the first 2 digits of their zip code listed below and call before the 48 hour order deadline ends to get the new Mini-Glo Heaters to drastically slash home heat bills

PENNSYLVANIA – The Toll Free Hotlines are ringing off the hook.

That’s because Huntingdon-Tyrone area residents who find the first two digits of their zip code listed in today’s publication are getting new heaters that quickly put a stop to high heat bills forever.

Huntingdon-Tyrone area residents who get the new Heat Surge® Mini-Glo Efficiency Heaters by calling the Toll Free Hotlines before the 48-hour order deadline ends will never have to pay high heat bills again.

“We all know that freezing cold weather is setting in and heat bills are going to skyrocket this winter. That’s why I’ve given the directive to give the first Huntingdon Tyrone area residents who call in the next 48 hours a massive discount on our brand new Mini-Glo Efficiency Heaters,” said David Martin, General Manager of U.S. based Heat Surge.

And here’s the best part. Everyone who calls the Toll Free Hotline is getting a massive discount allowing them to claim the new heaters for just 149 and shipping and handling as long as they call before the 48-hour deadline ends.

Demand for Heat Surge heaters has skyrocketed to stardom ever since consumer reviews surfaced showing just how much money ultra-efficient zone heat saves people on heat bills which is why this announcement is being so widely advertised.

According to the avalanche of consumer reviews for the original Heat Surge heaters, people absolutely swear by them, repeatedly saying, “it saves money,” “looks beautiful,” and “keeps you warm and cozy.” That’s why Huntingdon-Tyrone area residents will be scrambling to get them starting at precisely 8:30am this morning.

In fact, it gives you 74° of bonesoothing room heat even when the home thermostat is turned down to 59°. That means you can zone heat and never be cold again. And since it only uses about the same energy per hour as a coffee maker you’ll save a ton on your heat bills, too.

“We’re bracing for all the calls and to make sure everyone gets their new Heat Surge Mini-Glo Efficiency Heater before the harsh winter weather hits, UPS® drivers have been instructed to make home deliveries anywhere in the United States,” Martin said.

“Just remember, to get your new heater you must find the first two digits of your zip code listed in today’s publication and be one of the first Huntingdon- Tyrone area readers to call the Toll Free Hotline at 1-888-414-3591 before the 48-hour deadline ends,” he said.

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