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ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT FOR HUNTINGDON COUNTY 2017 Assets as of 12/31/2017: General Fund $ 19,183 Special Revenues $ 24,849,337 Taxes Receivable $ 2,380,379 Fixed Assets $ 17,518,520 Vehicles & Machinery (Over $5,000) $ 179,500 TOTAL $ 44,946,919 Liabilities : 911 Special Account Bond $ 5,810,000 Bailey Mortgage $ 3,305,556 Domestic Relations Sinking Fund $ 825,574 2015 General Obligation (12/15) $ 1,385,416 L.O.C. Line of Credit (CSB) $ 494,827 A.R.C. Retirement Fund Deficiency $ 156,458 TOTAL $ 11,977,832 General Fund Revenues: Taxes $ 9,504,872 Intergovernmental Revenues $ 7,378,478 Charges For Services $ 1,843,558 Miscellaneous Revenues $ 709,289 Interest Earnings $ 22,382 Fines/Forfeitures $ 181,825 Proceeds from Temporary Loans $ 1,500,000 Interfund Operating Transfers $ -251,919 TOTAL $ 20,888,485 BEGINNING BALANCE 01/01/2017 $ 368,019 REVENUES + BEGINNING BALANCE $ 21,256,504 Expenditures: General Government $ 4,872,986 General Government - Judicial $ 2,815,660 Highways & Streets $ 81,955 Public Safety/Corrections $ 3,478,022 Health & Welfare $ 7,895,937 Culture & Recreation $ 67,770 Conservation & Development $ 132,628 Economic Development & Assistance $ 38,325 Debt Service $ 1,854,038 TOTAL $ 21,237,321 Ending Balance 12/31/2017 $ 19,183 Expenditures + Ending Balance $ 21,256,504 This is a condensed version of the 2017 Huntingdon County Annual Audit. A full report is available for review in the Commissioner's Office in the Bailey Building. Huntingdon County Auditors Robin Horne Gary O'Korn Craig Greenland Huntingdon - Ad Link

Public Notice To the Residents and interested Persons of the Borough of Broad Top City Regarding the Broad Top City Waste water Treatment Plant Improvements Categorical Exclusion The Borough of Broad Top City is seeking a Categorical Exclusion from environmental review requirements for their Waste water Treatment Plant Improvements project. The facility needs improvements due to the normal wear and tear, and needs to upgrade some of the technology to improve the plant's efficiency and operator safety. The existing waste water treatment plant is a 60,000 gpd extended aeration packaged plant located along SR 913 in Broad Top City Borough. The proposed improvements include: • Installing a vertical screen in a manhole immediately upstream of the raw sewage pump station. • The existing pumps and controls for the Raw Sewage Pump Station will be replaced. • The existing blowers and control panel will be replaced. • The new blowers and controls will use of variable frequency drives to gradually ramp the blower speed up when a blower is starting and gradually ramp blower speed down when the blower shut down. Also, dissolve oxygen (DO) will be maintained at or near optimum levels using DO sensors and a controller. • This improvement should reduce power consumption. • The pH levels in the aeration tank will maintained at or near optimum using pH sensors and a controller. An existing 50 gallon plastic tank and high speed mixer located in the Operations Building will be used to make sodium bicarbonate solution. New chemical feed pumps controlled by the pH probes will dose the sodium bicarbonate solution as needed. • A floating mixer will be installed in the aerobic digester to keep solids in suspension. The coarse bubble diffusers will be replaced with new fine bubble diffusers which will improve oxygen transfer to the sludge. • Dechlorination will be provided by Sodium Bisulfite addition to the Flow Metering Chamber. Also, Post Aeration will be provided in a manhole downstream of the Dechlorination/Flow Metering Chamber. • Miscellaneous improvements will be made including replacing three (3) yard hydrants that have failed, replacing/rebuilding the Equalization Flow Regulator Box, improved lighting, etc. The estimated total project cost of the proposed work is $700,000. Broad Top City Borough will be applying to Pennvest and other sources to fund / finance the project. Pennvest offers low interest loans of 1% interest for 30 years. The proposed rate increase, assuming not grant funding from Pennvest other sources) will be $10/month/EDU. The project Plans and Specifications will be available for review by the public for 30 days at the Broad Top City Borough Office, Hazel and Spruce Streets in Broad Top City, beginning on June 26, 2018 through July 25, 2018. Members of the public wishing to submit comments regarding the project may do so in writing. Comments can be submitted to Broad Top City Borough, P.O. Box 228, Broad Top City, PA 16621. Broad Top City - Ad Link

Oneida Twp. will hold its regular meeting for July, Mon., July 2, 2018 at 7:30 PM Oneida Township - Ad Link

BOARD MEETING NOTICE The Board of Trustees of the New Day Charter School hereby gives notice of the dates and times for the 2018-2019 school year Board Meetings: August 16, 2018 October 18, 2018 December 20, 2018 February 21, 2019 April 18, 2019 June 20, 2019 Regular board meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 9:00 A.M. in the Nittany Board Room at New Day Charter School, 256 South 5th Street, Huntingdon. New Day Charter School Board of Trustees Mr. James Foster, Board President Alexandria - Ad Link

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